The Future of Remote Work with Instant Teams

The Future of Remote Work with Instant Teams

This is a sponsored post for Instant Teams. Please be assured that I only mention products and businesses that I truly love, love, love.

The month of May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month. However, with the summer PCS cycle in full force, for many military spouses, May is a month of PCS preparations, not necessarily military spouse celebrations. It’s closing out your life at one duty stations and preparing for the next. Unfortunately, for many military spouses, it’s also a time for resignation letters, job hunting, and possibly unwanted unemployment.

Instant Teams is changing the way we look at military spouse employment with remote work. If you’ve ever thought about remote work or even tried it and then been frustrated with it, I invite you to take a fresh look with Instant Teams.

My Success with Remote Work and Instant Teams

Three years ago I was knee-deep in my fifth PCS move in six years of being a military spouse. Like clockwork, every one to two years I was reinventing my career. Move, interview, find a new job, move, rinse, repeat. However, on this fifth military move, I picked up my career and moved it with me. I became a full-time virtual, remote worker.

In full PCS mode but moving my remote work career with me too

Along my remote work journey, I found Instant Teams (at the time Madskills). The application process was straightforward and there was no tiptoeing around that fact that I was a military spouse. In fact, it was one of the very reasons Instant Teams was looking to contract with me.

The Instant Teams People Ops Team brought me onboard and in just a few weeks I had new clients, new “virtual” friends within the Instant Teams community, and a new source of income! The People Ops Manager found me two very exciting clients to write for, companies I knew well, but never thought I would be creating content for them and their readers!

I love that Instant Teams values my experience and talents but is flexible with the challenges that come with military life.  

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Instant Teams was founded several years ago by two career-minded Army Spouses, Erica McMannes and Liza Rodewald. Just like you, they were in the midst of balancing their professional and personal lives along with the additional challenges of military spouse life.

They knew there had to be an alternative to the traditional work model that isn’t very supportive of deployments, frequent relocations, TDYs, and all of the other little surprises that military life brings us. Erica and Liza knew that military spouses are a unique group of educated, super- talented professionals with impressive work experience. However, our unique lifestyles demand more innovation, communication, and more flexibility in the workplace.

What Remote Work Is Not

Remote work is fabulous and I can say it’s greatly improved my own work/life balance. However, if you’re new to the idea of remote work, you might think it’s a magical job where you get paid to stay at home in your pajamas and click clack on your laptop while you watch Netflix.

While the working in your pajamas part might be true, as a remote worker you’re still going to be hitting the job hard. You might have client calls, meetings, and you’ll definitely have deadlines. You’ll need to have childcare while you work. You’ll want a workspace that is conducive to getting your work done. You might even feel isolated since you will probably be physically working alone.

I love that Instant Teams supports their community with daily communications on Slack, mentoring and career-building opportunities, and also just moral support and friendship. Remote work is not always a walk in the park, but with so many experienced remote work military spouses on the team, you’ll learn the ropes quickly. Even just by taking a peek at the Instant Teams Blog, you can get a taste of the real-world issues, successes, and tips that Instant Teams members are talking about.

The Future of Work is the Remote Workforce

So many military spouses already recognize that the future of work is remote work. However, remote work often gets a bad rep with too good to be true positions, low-paying wages, or just “gig” work over career development. Instant Teams recognized they could do better than just being another big box freelance search engine.

When you join Instant Teams and become a pre-qualified candidate, you’ll join a community ready to support you so that you can thrive in a remote work environment. With access to the exclusive Instant Teams Slack-channel, you’ll get insider info on job openings, virtual career-building opportunities, and community with other military spouse remote workers.

As a new team member with Instant Teams, you’ll also receive support from the “People Ops” Team as they acquaint you with Instant Teams during the onboarding process. You’ll be introduced to your new customers, gain access to daily Slack communications, and learn how to be a successful Instant Teams teammate.

How Do You Sign-up for Instant Teams?

Head over to Instant Teams’ “Join a Team” page and sign up for free, create your professional profile and queue up for your next remote position as teams with your expertise and talents are developed.

Remote Work with Instant Teams

Creating your profile is your key to success. When the Instant Teams Talent Community is ready to assemble a remote team for their customers, your profile is your tool to show them how you are the top candidate for that team.

Who is Instant Teams For?

Instant Teams was created for YOU! If you’re a military spouse or veteran looking for remote work, create your profile today. I don’t have to tell you that our military spouse community is educated, talented, and experienced in a wide variety of workforce areas. You already know that. Instant Teams knows it too.

That’s why Instant Teams focuses building marketing, administration, and technology teams to develop career-focused positions for you such as digital marketing strategist, social media coordinators, content developer, copywriter, technical writer, tech support, customer service coordinators, program manager, project coordinators, WordPress developers, QA testers, and more.

If you’re interested in learning even more about Instant Teams, go check them out and take a look at exactly how it works today. You’ll thank yourself come next May.

Remote work with Instant Teams

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