Seven Perfect Podcasts for Military Spouses

Seven Perfect Podcasts for Military Spouses

I’m currently loving these seven podcasts that are perfect for military spouses. There are thousands of podcasts out on the inter-webs right now and I love listening to and discovering new podcasts each week. I listen to everything from personal finance, how-tos, comedy, foreign languages, and even trashy reality show gossip.

However, I’m currently OCONUS, living overseas. We’re not near a military base. That means I don’t have very many opportunities to speak English outside my home. Listening to these podcasts is like catching up with a group of my best friends.

How To Listen To a PodCast

Ok, I know some of you might be laughing at this header. However, if you don’t know how to listen to a podcast, your secret is safe with me. There are tons of apps and programs you can choose from to listen to your podcasts. From my personal experience, there are two super easy ways.

  1. Listen from your computer. Most podcasts have their own website. Go there. Find the episode you want, click play. Easy.
  2. Listen from your phone. Download or stream episodes from apps on your phone. If you have an iPhone, it’s super easy, just find the purple “Podcasts” app already installed on your phone. If you Android, try the Google Play Music app. It’s pretty much like the iPhone app. Both are free.

I know I’m so 2000 and late when it comes to listening to podcasts. However, I’ve finally entered the modern age as an official podcast listener. And it’s hard to remember my pre-podcast life.  After years of getting shocked reactions from people after they found out that I hadn’t listened to the latest episode of Serial (totally love Serial BTW, have you listened to it?), I gave into peer pressure and downloaded my first podcast. 

I listen while I’m working out, cooking dinner, driving, or sometimes to wind down before I go to bed. Trust me, you’ll get addicted. I think these seven podcasts below are perfect for military spouses because they are all hosted by military spouses, brats, servicemembers, or veterans….they get us.

Podcasts For Military Spouse Life

NextGen Milspouse’s Happy Hour Podcast

Happy Hour is the official podcast of NextGen MilSpouse. You can easily listen to each of their episodes on iTunes or via their website. I love Happy Hour because it’s definitely a fresh and modern take on milspouse life. Each week the hosts interview a new guest (maybe even a milspouse you know!) and you’ll get a dose of current events and news that as a milspouse you can totally relate to. Don’t forget to join their Happy Hour Facebook page for some bonus fun!

MilHousing Network’s MilHousing Nation Podcast

The MilHousing Nation Podcast is “an honest conversation with military spouses about what it is really like to move the military”. Host Lindsey Litton gives the scoop on how real military spouses are handling careers, families, real estate, and life. I love MilHousing Nation so much, but I might be biased since I was on as a guest in episode 3! Listen here as I cover how to financially plan for your next PCS!

The Dear MilFamily Podcast

The Dear MilFamily Podcast is “a podcast for anyone who has a family member in the military or anyone interested in the military lifestyle”. Every Tuesday it will feel like you’re sitting down with a good friend and a cup of coffee as host Sheena interviews her military spouse guests. Each week is a totally new theme so the podcast is always fun and fresh to listen to. Military Life, PCS drama, parenting, entrepreneurship, duty stations, deployments, and finances…Sheena and her guests cover it all for you. If you don’t have time for each week’s full cast, you can always quickly catch yourself up during her weekly briefings, released on Fridays. Join Sheena and her uplifting community on the Dear MilFamily Podcast Facebook page.

Podcasts For Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

Drop and Give Me 20

The Drop and Give Me 20 Podcast is “the podcast for military entrepreneurs”.  Each week you’ll get a quick but thorough 20-minute dose of stories from successful military entrepreneurs. This podcast is not only inspiring but it’s actionable. If you’re a military spouse entrepreneur, I think with each episode you’ll find some actionable takeaways and inspiration to apply to your own business. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to join The Drop and Give Me 20 Facebook group.

The Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke

The Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke is “a place where busy entrepreneurs find quick and valuable education. Hosted by powerhouse lawyer and military spouse Rachel Brenke educates us on a new topic each week to help us grow our businesses. From how to get brand sponsorships to the dangers of using free stock photos, Rachel helps us navigate our lives as business owners.  Join the Business Bites Community on Facebook!

Podcasts For Money-Minded Military Spouses

Mil Money Movement Podcast

The Mil Money Movement Podcast is “everything you need to know about money and investing whether you are a service member, military spouse, or veteran”. It’s hosted by active duty servicemember Hank Coleman and veteran and military spouse, Lacey Langford. If you just rolled your eye at the thought of listening to an hour of people talking about personal finance, I promise you that this podcast will keep you engaged. Also, Hank, Lacey, and their weekly guests will make you LOL for real and you’ll be learning something at the same time. I tune in weekly on Mondays to listen to their shenanigans and learn something useful that will help my family’s military finances.

The Money MilHouse Podcast

The Money MilHouse Podcast is hosted by mother-daughter duo Ellie Kay and Bethany Bayless. Weekly, each lively 20-minute episode covers a wide range of topics from saving money, communicating about money as a couple, spend plans, and even investing 101. Ellie, a  military spouse, and Bethany, a military brat understand the military lifestyle. They are easy to relate to, and totally get what you are going through. Join them for a cup of coffee and some fun money convo every Monday!

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