Ten Romantic but Frugal, Practical, & Amazon Prime-able Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ten Romantic but Frugal, Practical, & Amazon Prime-able Valentine’s Day Gifts

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think my readers will find useful.

Even though the excitement about “who will be my Valentine” is over (spoiler alert, it’s my husband), I’ve warmed up again to Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s still cheesy, but cheesy can still be fun. Cheesy can also be an excuse to remember to pause, to reflect on your relationship, and enjoy each other. Maybe it’s being thankful that you might actually be together this Valentine’s Day this year. Whether Valentine’s Day is cheesy or not to you, it’s a day to let your partner know how much they mean to you.

All couples celebrate their Valentine’s Day differently. Some people expect grand gestures like big romantic dinners, red roses, or even expensive jewelry. For other couples, it’s just a Hallmark card and some conversation hearts they swiped from their kid’s Valentine’s Day loot. Wherever you fall in the celebration spectrum, I love all of these ten gifts below because they are:

  • Practical but romantic – These are things you can use everyday but they’ll also serve a purpose to your relationship as I’ll explain below
  • I own all these products and swear by them.
  • Both Partners can use them – these aren’t gender specific, all great gifts to give to each other
  • Frugal – all gifts are under $50!
  • Amazon Prime-able – Not that you forgot it’s Valentine’s Day…but if you did, Amazon has you covered like always…

Qalo Wedding Rings

Qalo rings are awesome and they are comfortable and inexpensive. We bought matching Qalos because we were tired of having to take off our gold rings for the gym. My husband also likes wearing his when he goes to the field, so he doesn’t have to worry about his real ring getting lost or damaged.

Amazon Fire Stick

I love my Amazon Fire Stick for so many reasons. We can’t always get away for a date night at a movie theatre. So, I love Friday nights after we put our son to bed and we can cuddle up on the couch and choose from one of 500,000 TV shows and movies to watch together. Amazon’s Fire Stick is awesome because after you buy it, there is no other additional monthly or annual fees associated with it. No additional subscriptions needed. It takes about three minutes to set-up and you literally just plug it into your TV.

The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition: The Secret to Love That Lasts

Do you know about the “5 Love Languages“? Have you read the book? I first heard about it from a friend and wrote it off as another mushy relationship book. After hearing more and more about it, I decided to give in a read for myself. I found out that my love language is acts of service. It was fun to read the book and decide that my husband’s (besides touch of course 🙂 is words of affirmation. I asked my husband to read the book and he actually read it…he also chose the same languages that I had picked for us in my head! The examples are practical, easy to understand, and applicable in real life. I can’t say enough about the Love Languages, I thought it was a serious game changer with our relationship.

Cocoa Truffle Spread

Wickedly Prime Truffle Spread. I don’t need to write a lot about this gift. What’s not to like? Skip the boring box of chocolates this year and get creative with these delicious spreads. You’ll look like a superstar when you whip out some easy homemade chocolate truffle dipped strawberries.  Plus, they come in packs of two, so spread the love!

Echo Dot

The All-New Echo Dot. Nothing says romantic like whispering, “Alexa, dim the lights, Alexa play me some D’Angelo”. But seriously, Echo Dots are an affordable way to turn your house into a smart home. Play music, change your lighting, order a pizza, call an Uber, or just settle trivia question arguments between you and your spouse with the help of Alexa.

Love Coupons

Love Coupon Books. These are fun, super affordable, and can I say effortless way to turn up the passion in your relationship. I think men and women alike will have fun filling out the vouchers…just use your imagination.

Rabbit Wine Aerator

Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer. I don’t speak for all, but pouring a nice glass of wine is an instant romantic gesture in my book. Kick your wine game up a notch with a wine aerator. Hold this aerator above your wine glass and it will help your wine to “breathe” as it sends bubbles through it. When wine breathes it opens up the wine’s aromatic profile and can also help to soften a wine’s tannins.

Picnic Bag

Wine & Cheese Picnic Bag. I can already picture the major eye roll my husband is making as he reads this, but I love picnics, find them so romantic! Pack a picnic and bring it to a scenic park in your area, bring it on vacation and explore a new location, or enjoy a nice little snack at an outdoor concert on a summer night. What’s not to love?

Bath Bombs

Fizzing Bath Bombs. Whether it’s going to be a relaxing bath for one or a romantic bath for the both of you, bath bombs are a nice touch to set the mood. Drop one into your bath and enjoy how your fizzy bomb dissolves and turns your tub into a colorful oasis and instantly fills the air with luxurious aroma.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. You may be thinking, what’s romantic about a breakfast sandwich maker? My husband loves when I start him a sandwich in the AM. Remember that food is a key to the heart. A simple act of kindness in the morning will let your spouse know that you’re thinking of them. Plus, you can help them stay healthy and keep more money in your pocket by skipping that fast food drive-thru!

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