Announcing our Selection as a Plutus Awards Finalist!

Announcing our Selection as a Plutus Awards Finalist!

Her Money Moves is a an 8th Annual Plutus Awards Finalist!

Her Money Moves is a finalist for the 8th Annual Plutus Awards! Mind blown! I’m a new kid on the personal finance blogging block with only about seven months under my belt. So, when I found out I was nominated for two Plutus Awards, I was really excited (but shocked). Her Money Moves was nominated for Best Military Finance Blog and Best New Personal Finance Blog. The winners will announced on 28 October in Dallas, during FinCon. Every year for the last eight years, the Plutus Foundation has celebrated the best in money media by focusing on independent publishers like bloggers, podcasters, and authors. You can view all the finalists here. Finalists are determined through peer and fan nominations. That’s you! Thank you Her Money Moves Readers!

Best Military Finance Blog presented by Heroes at Home

I’m most excited about this category of the awards, because I’ve been reading military personal finance blogs for a while and some of these nominees are bloggers I really look up to. The other nominees in this category are Kate Korrell, Military Life Planning, The Military Guide, and The Military Wallet.

Best New Personal Finance Blog presented by Experian

The other nominees in this category are some huge heavy hitters that have come out of the gates in a big way since their blogs launched. I’m very proud to be in the company of Journey to Launch, Mustard Seed Money, Physician on FIRE, and Wealthy Accountant.

Vote for the People’s Choice Award

Voting for the 8th Annual Plutus Awards has closed, but you can still vote for Her Money Moves for the People’s Choice Award. If inclinded, you can vote via my unique link here!

Who was Plutus?

Plutus was a Greek god, the god of wealth. Per some serious Wikipedia research I learned that Plutus was blind, physically disabled, and winged. Blind so he could give his gifts with out prejudice. He had limited use of his legs so that he took his time arriving with the gift of wealth, yet winged so that he left faster than he arrived.

His name has also origins in several English words. Read below and see if you can find a way to insert a “Plutus” derived word into your conversations today…

  • Plutonomics: The study of wealth management
  • Plutonomy: An economy that is significantly influenced by wealthy people
  • Plutolatry: The worship of money
  • Plutomania: An excessive desire for wealth

Thank You to Her Money Moves Readers & Supporters

When I launched Her Money Moves in April 2017, I wanted to share my passion for personal finance to help other military families, especially families new to the military. However, I was my own worst critic. I was worried nobody would read what I wrote or worse, they wouldn’t like or care about what I was writing. Creating Her Money Moves has forced me to go waaaaaaaaay out of my normal everyday comfort zone. Friends, family, and complete strangers have been so supportive of Her Money Moves. Being nominated helps me to remember who and what I’m writing for. Thank you to my MilFAM!

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