Five New Military Finance Blogs You Need to Know Now

Five New Military Finance Blogs You Need to Know Now

The world of Military Personal Finance blogging is a complex and small niche.   However, a small group of military servicemembers and spouses are making waves in the military finance blogging community with their new blogs.  Each of these blogs is all under a year old.  Read below to see my personal favorites!

Military Dollar

An Active duty Air Force Officer authors the Military Dollar, writing about “Simplified personal finance for military members”.  The Military Dollar is an up and comer in the military personal finance world. In addition, the Military Dollar is also a believer of the FIRE Movement (Financially Independent, Retire Early).  Military dollar writes on a wide variety of topics are interesting and informative to military members from the Basics of TRICARE or Exchange Traded Funds to getting the Best Deals at Disney.


Military Life Planning

Daniel is an active-duty Air Force Officer. His goal is to “Help inform, educate, and advise military members and their families about the best ways to optimize their finances/benefits and plan their present and future to align with their goals and values!”  Military Life Planning covers complex military financial topics with the precision of a technical expert.  It makes sense that he is in the process of obtaining his CFP.  If you need to know more about the new BRS system or are interested in understanding all the benefits of your LES, read Military Life Planning with full confidence.


Foxtrot & Pennies

Kara helps “military families conquer military life on a budget”.  Kara’s blog isn’t actually brand new  However, she’s recently refocused her work on military family financial planning.  As an Air Force wife, she gives a different perspective on military finance.  She specializes in budgeting and teaching military spouses how to start their own work from home business by building their own businesses and PCS-Proofing their careers.


Military Fire

Military Fire serves in the active duty Coast Guard. He covers “Money, Debt, and Financial Independence for Millennial and Military Families”.  At one time, Mr. & Mrs. Military Fire had $107K in student loans, and they worked like crazy to be debt-free and full-fledged FIRE believers. Military Fire covers a variety of military finance related topics, but I especially love the free Excel files he offers.


Her Money Moves

I write about military personal finance, military spouse career advice, and military lifestyle through the eyes of an Army wife (Hooah!).  As a former Army Civilian Finance Analyst, and current Household 6 Budget Manager I have experience with DoD Financial concepts like the new Blended Retirement System and TSP but also MilSpouse related topics like the seasonal PCS-Job-Hunting Cycles and preparing the perfect work from home pitch.

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