Got Military Life Questions? My Military Blogger Friends Have Answers!

Got Military Life Questions? My Military Blogger Friends Have Answers!

My Favorite Military Blogger Friends Are Tackling Your MilLife Problems

A few weeks ago I left my family in Italy and traveled half-way around the world to Orlando, FL. No, I wasn’t headed on a solo trip to DisneyWorld. I was on my way to a week full of networking, learning, and talking so much you’ll lose your voice fun with 500 of my closest military blogger friends at the Military Influencer Conference, USAA’s Annual USAADigiMil Conference, and finally closing it out with FinCON19.

This was my second year of meeting up with my military blogger friends at the Military Influencer Conference (MIC). I attended for the first time in 2017. I love reconnecting with this group of talented military bloggers and entrepreneurs. Some are old friends and some I just met for the first time this year. Heck, I hadn’t even met one of my roommates in real life yet. However, we’d been BFF military blogger friends on Facebook for about 1.5 years now…that’s legit, right?

There are so many talented military blogger spouses, veterans, and servicemembers in this group. Although I can’t list everyone that I’ve been reading, these are a few of my favorites as of late. These writers have been in your shoes (or boots) and they know what you’re going through. In the great words of Mr. Vanilla Ice, “If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it”. These military bloggers are tackling our #MilLifeProblems and questions head on.



Topic: The Mysterious World of Space-A Travel

Question: Can I Fly Space-A Without My Sponsor?

Stephanie of Poppin’ Smoke is living her best life in Japan. However, she’s also dedicated to helping the military community figure out the mystery that is “Space-A Travel”. In one of my favorite posts from Poppin’ Smoke, Stephanie shows us step-by-step on how the military dependents (18 years or older) can take a military Space-A flight without their sponsor. Her guide will help you figure out if you qualify for this type of Space-A travel,  find out what category you’re in, where you can fly, what paperwork you need, and how you can sign-up.

Topic: The Deployment Struggle

Question: My Spouse is deploying, what resources are available to me?

Lizann aka “The Seasoned Spouse is a military spouse and supermom. Lizann is such a positive voice in our community. She wants everyone to know that “we’re all in this together”. As a “seasoned spouse”, Lizann has been there and done that. Now, she’s here to help you. In her Giant List of Deployment Resources for Military Families, she lists over 50 amazing resources for military spouses and families. You’re gonna wanna bookmark this one for sure.

Topic: Accidental Military Landlords

Question: Is there anything special I need to know when I sell my rental property?

We can count on Kate aka “The Military Financial Coach” from to always break down the toughest topics into easy to digest nuggets for us. As military families, it’s easy to become an accidental landlord. We buy properties and then sometimes we aren’t in a good situation to sell them when we PCS. In her article, Kate helps us understand rental property depreciation recapture taxes. When you’re ready to sell your rental property, this is a topic you’ll want to understand. Depreciation recapture isn’t the sexiest of topics but count on Kate to explain it in plain English for us. Thank you Kate!

Topic: Military Spouse Careers

Question: I’m PCSing AGAIN and I need a letter of recommendation, where do I start?

Hannah of The Motivated Millennial always has the best advice from her own life experiences. I value her advice on careers, education, travel, and mental and physical wellness. In “How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation“, Hannah walks us through exactly how to ask for our LORs. Sometimes it might feel awkward to ask for a LOR, but Hannah even includes a template for us to use! Tweak it with your own details, send it out, and wait for those LORs to roll in!

Topic: Retirement after the Military

Question: What’s this “FIRE” Movement everyone is talking about?

FIRE sounds like a bad thing, right? However, military blogger, Airmen MilDollar from Military Dollar shows us how playing with FIRE can actually be a good thing. FIRE or “Financially Independent Retire Early” is a HUGE personal finance movement. Its popularity is well, catching on like fire. If you’re interested in learning what you need to do to become financially independent and/or retire early, read her article and print out the downloadable FIRE PDF (who doesn’t love a good printable?).

Topic: PCS Problems

Question: How do I survive a cross-country PCS with my littles?

Sierra of The Daily Impressions writes about her daily adventures as a military spouse and mama. Sierra and her family have been bitten by the travel bug and it seems like they are never sitting still for long. Although a cross-country PCS might not be the trip you’ve been dreaming of, Sierra shows us how a little planning goes a long way. In her blog post, she shares her best toddler travel hacks for cross-country travel. Anything to help keep my sanity while traveling with a toddler, I’m all in.

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