Her Money Moves’ Guest Post Roundup

Her Money Moves’ Guest Post Roundup

My first quarter of 2018 was super busy with guest posts on a few of my favorite military lifestyle websites. Websites that I used to just read and now I am writing for them! Whaaaaat? I love telling my story. More importantly, I love sharing tips, tricks, and lessons learned (from my own mistakes I’ve made along the way) with anyone who will listen.

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Next Gen MilSpouse

The Story: Navigating the Military Child Care Challenge
TL/DR: Find out how I cut my child care bill in half when we used off installation daycare for our baby.

Childcare for military spouses is like the chicken and the egg problem. We move constantly. Do we get a job and then find childcare once we have the paycheck to support it? Or, do we need childcare so that we can look for a job? How do we pay for childcare when we are looking for a job?

Our childcare problems aren’t 100% solved, but they are getting better with the help of a new(ish) DoD’s childcare website. Another revamped program is Child Care Aware. I wish I could shout about it from the rooftops. I (virtually) run into military families all the time who are paying full price for childcare on the economy because the Child Development Centers (CDC) are full or they are living in an area that doesn’t have a CDC. Child Care Aware helps military families subsidize their child care bills, regardless of rank or location. What’s not to love? Plus, I can personally vouch for the Childcare Aware program, it’s saved me thousands.

Paycheck Chronicles with Military.com

The Story: Mark Your Calendar With These Important Financial Dates and To-Dos
TL/DR: A list of 1-2 tasks you can do each month to stay organized financially.

Side note. I’ve been reading The Paycheck Chronicles for years. So I had to turn down my fan girl reaction when I had the chance to write for them! I honestly love talking about personal finances. I’m excited to do my taxes every year and I look forward to planning retirement contributions. However, I recognize a lot of people don’t feel that same way. For some people, personal finance stuff is just downright scary and overbearing. It doesn’t have to be that way. This article walks you through the important dates and financial to-dos in 2018 so that you can bight off a little personal finance bit at a time.

Military Spouse

The Story: Love and Money: Expert advice for the financial issues that often ruin relationships
TL/DR: Military Financial Experts solve four very common financial problems that can affect relationships in the military.

In my own marriage, our relationship isn’t perfect. We have fights and disagreements about all kinds of stuff. However, one thing I can honestly say we never fight about it money. We’ve got that part down, that way we have extra room to fight about who cleaned the bathroom last. For this article I interviewed four military spouses on the financial issues that cause some turmoil in their military marriage. Then I talked to four different military personal finance experts to get their take on each problem. Fights about finances, be gone!

Blue Star Families

The Story: What Successful Military Landlords Know
TL/DR: Six tried and true tips from my experiences as a Military Landlord.

I first became an accidental landlord when I married my husband and inherited through marriage the rental property he bought as a young captain. As the years passed, we added 2 additional properties, became full-on military landlords, and haven’t looked back since. We’ve had good (and bad) luck and successes (and major fails) with our properties. I’ve learned a ton, enough to be dangerous. In this spot with Blue Star Families I give you my six best tips for being a successful military landlord…all from real life landlording experience.

NextGen MilSpouse

The Story: This Military Spouse Grabbed the Rare Opportunity to Volunteer at the Winter Olympics
TL/DR: An amazing MilSpouse gives us the insider’s scoop about how she volunteered at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

One of the cool things about guest writing for NextGen MilSpouse is that when I see a story pop up in real life that I want to share, I can just pitch it to them and see if they like the idea. NextGen MilSpouse is so real and current. Love it. When I saw that my MilSpouse friend from a few assignments back was volunteering at the Winter Olympics, I wanted to share her story with our community. Jordan’s story of volunteering at the 2018 Winter Olympics is a real life example of grabbing the PCS bull by the horns and making the most of each duty assignment. Whether you’re going to the military’s #1 most wanted location or one that is, shall we say less desirable, what are YOU going to do to make the most out of it?

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