Donate Blood – Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors Now

Donate Blood – Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors Now

How to Help Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Since Friday, millions of Americans have their eyes on Hurricane Harvey and the damage its inflicting to Texas.  Ase we watch Hurricane Harvey with heavy hearts, we wonder how we can help the Lone Star State. Charitable organizations in Texas in Texas (and Louisiana) need donations of money, clothing, supplies, and volunteers. For those of us that are not close enough to physically help with disaster relief efforts, we can donate blood.

If you are feeling the urge to physically help victims of Hurricane Harvey but don’t know where to start, give blood.  There is an immediate need for blood and platelets in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Many blood donations centers in towns along the Texas coast light have damaged or destroyed.  Blood donations Centers in Houston may have flooded are are not accessible to donors.  The size of Houston and the fact that it is a major medical center also increases the immediate need for donations.

Give Blood

My first instinct was to navigate to the American Red Cross’s website to see where I could donate blood.  However, I was surprised to see that they don’t cover the area where I live.  Below are four blood donation organizations to help you find a location near you.

Led by the AABB, a task-force of blood donation organizations around the country urge people to donate now.  Find a local blood drive or donation center in your local area and make an appointment.  Type O blood is always in high demand because it is the only blood type that can safely be transfused to patients of all blood types.

Help a Person in Need Today

Many of the above mentioned blood donation organizations are working the logistics to deliver blood donations to Southeastern Texas.  Keep in mind that just be cause you donate blood, it doesn’t mean that is will be headed to Texas.  However, you can feel good knowing that your blood donation is helping a person in need, whether they are in Texas or around the corner from you.

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