Budget-Friendly Gifts That Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

Budget-Friendly Gifts That Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

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I’ve never really cared much for Valentine’s Day as an adult. Didn’t like it when I was single, not when I was dating and not even as a married person. I always thought it was a cheesy, Hallmark Holiday that involved blowing your budget on expensive dinners and drugstore chocolates. Basically, sweating it out, trying to find the perfect gifts for each other.

For those of us that are focusing on becoming debt-free or just plain have our eyes on the prize and are budget-focused, we can still celebrate with meaningful gifts. Let’s flip the script on the commercialized Valentine’s Day we all know. Discover the perfect (and budget-friendly) give for your partner when you find out which of the 5 Love Languages they speak.

The 5 Love Languages

Before I get too deep into this, it won’t make any sense if you don’t know your partner’s “Love Language”. Author, Gary Chapman wrote a wildly popular bestseller, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. He explains how every person (even children) have Love Language. A person’s love language shows how they prefer to express their love and receive love in return.

As I said, there’s an entire book about this. So just reading my little summary below isn’t the whole story, but you’ll get a general picture. If you haven’t read the book, I encourage both you and your partner to read it. I read it a few years ago on a recommendation from a friend. I asked my husband to read it too and to my surprise he did! And he said he actually enjoyed it. It has helped facilitate a lot of discussions in our marriage. I think it’s a must-read for anyone who is or wants to be in a relationship.

Even better, there’s a Military Edition of the 5 Love Languages book. Relationships can be hard but military relationships can be even harder with the stress of long distance, frequent moves, and reintegration after deployments. This edition of the book even comes with a free “e-copy”. Your partner can read it right along with you, no matter where they are in the world.

Read the book, but if you want to dive right into learning about Love Languages, you can take this quick online quiz from the author’s website.

Find a Gift that Speaks to Your Partner’s Love Language

Find out your partner’s Love Language (as well as your own Love Language) and you’ll unlock an entirely new way to show them how much you care while still keeping your budget on track.

As you read about the 5 Love Languages, it might be pretty easy to identify which Love Language you speak. You might be fluent in a few, but one will probably stand out. However, it might be more difficult to figure out which language your partner speaks. Just read through the examples. Then give a quick thought to which scenario you could totally see your partner swooning over!

Words of Affirmation

Love Language Gifts

Words of Affirmation speakers love to hear positive and encouraging praise from their partner that is truly genuine. “I love watching you laugh with the kids, you are the best Daddy” or “Mmmm, this is the best dinner, you are a great chef!”.

  • Throw it way back with a mix CD (or maybe just a new playlist) of songs that describe the way you feel about them.
  • If you don’t usually exchange cards or you usually just sign your name, take the time to write them a longer note or letter about what they mean to you.
  • Fill a decorative box or jar with little notes with all the things you love about them.

Physical Touch

Love Language Gifts

Physical touch doesn’t just mean sex. Cuddling on the couch, holding hands, a peck on the forehead, or even just a quick touch of their arm when you’re talking will speak directly to the Physical Touch people.

  • Go out dancing together!
  • Give them a masage
  • Go out for a walk or a hike and walk hand in hand or link arms.

Receiving Gifts

Love Language Gifts

You might think giving/receiving gifts one is harder to do on a budget, but it’s really not. If your partner is a gift giver/receiver, it’s not about the actual physical gift so much as it is about the meaning behind it and how you deliver it. It can be as simple as I was out for a walk and I saw this beautiful stone and it made me think of that trip we took together last year. Anything to let them know they were on your mind and you are thinking of them.

  • Anyone can buy chocolates, but how about hand-making some chocolate dipped strawberries?
  • Frame a recent (and cute) photo of the two of you together and wrap it up extra pretty.
  • Purchase a simple gift for them, something they’ve been talking about wanting to try like that new book, an item from the grocery store, or drink at the coffee shop.
  • Delivering or dropping off a simple gift like flowers, bagels, or cupcakes at their workplace.

Quality Time

Love Language Gifts

Anytime you and your partner are interacting and enjoying each other’s time is quality time. Putting the phone away before bed and just talking, going for a walk, trying out a new recipe, or doing a puzzle together.

  • Plan a hike and pack a snack or lunch to take along
  • Plan an “at-home movie night” and keep the phones turned off.
  • Try something new together, like ice-skating, painting, or a wine-tasting
  • Read The 5 Love Languages and then take time to discuss what you learned together.

Acts of Service

Love Language Gifts

Doing something with a positive and loving spirit for your partner to show that you love them is an act of service. Some people can’t understand how vacuuming the house shows you love your partner but for an Act of Service speaker it might give them all the feels.

  • Prepare them a special bath: bubbles, a candle, an adult drink, a new magazine, and no interruptions
  • Take the dog (or the kids) on a walk and tell your partner to sleep in!
  • Take care of something you know they dislike doing: getting an oil change on the car, getting up early to take out the garbage, or folding clean clothes.
  • When all fails, breakfast in bed (and a clean kitchen) always win!
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