2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

Although Her Money Moves was created on a whim one day in March 2017, it wasn’t an afterthought. I wanted to share my personal finance and career experiences as a military spouse for quite some time. I also had a secret dream to write professionally.  Creating this blog helped me to achieve these goals in 2017. Even though Her Money Moves is only ten months old, I took some time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished in 2017.


One Military Influencer Conference

I attended the inaugural Military Influencer Conference in Dallas, TX this past October. Yes, I took leave from my 9-5 day job to attend a conference. A little nerdy? Maybe, but the conference was awesome and inspring. In just three days I learned, made new friends, and came home energized to work on a list of projects for Her Money Moves in the upcoming year.  I wrote about it here: “What I learned at the Military Influencer Conference 2017 and Why I want to See You in Orlando Next Year”.

The 2018 Military Influencer Conference will be September 22-25 in Orlando, FL. I’ve already bought my tickets. I know its going to grow into something big. If you’re affiliated with the military community and you have a blog, business, or are even just incubating an idea, you will want to attend.

Three Plutus Award Finalist Nominations

I was shocked but honored this year to be nominated for three Plutus Awards: Best Military Finance Blog, Best New Personal Finance Blog and the People’s Choice Award. I didn’t win any of of the awards I was a finalist for. However, it was an honor to be recognized among some of my military finance blogging peers that I look up to.

Eight Freelance Clients

Every year I set short, mid, and long-term goals. In 2017, one of my long-term goals was to someday write professionally. What did that actually mean? I wasn’t sure yet, but I liked the sound of it. Starting Her Money Moves gave me the confidence to go out and pitch to editors…so did Google (How to Pitch to Editors) turned to published articles which built my portfolio and I even was asked to ghostwrite for some additional clients this year as well.

I published 13 times this year, but these are three of my favorite articles!

Military One Click: This veteran-turned-milspouse is opening a gymnastics academy…in Germany

NextGen MilSpouse: 10 Things This Military Spouse Is Not Doing This Summer

Blue Star Families: Want to Work from Home? Prepare the Perfect Pitch.

Ten Months of Blogging

For a couple of years, I watched my real life bestie grow her blog Headed Anywhere (seriously if you like to travel, check her out). I loved everything about it. Alas, how do you start a blog? I had no idea. A few e-mails back and forth with my friend and I learned I needed a domain name, platform, and someone to host me. I bought my domain name in late February, finally installed WordPress in March and published my first post in April. Welcome to Her Money MovesEasy Peasy lemon squeezy.

39 Articles Published

I started publishing posts this past April, at 39 total posts, that’s a little over four posts a month! My goal is to at least post weekly. A goal of posting weekly doesn’t sound that difficult, but life (husband, toddler, job) happens and it becomes difficult. In my office I have a huge list of topics I’m excited to write about and I hope to find some extra hours in the day. However, I have been more successful with “batch blogging” when I’m traveling and have time to myself.

My most successful post of 2017 in terms of clicks was my post on My Favorite Travel Card, The American Express Platinum. I explain why the Platinum AMEX is such a great deal (did I mention FREE?) for military families and a mini brief on the SCRA. If you don’t know what the SCRA is, read about it here, please! 6 Lazy Ways to Save Money.

1,575 Social Media posts

Social media is still a big work in progress for me. I’m really good at using it in my personal life. I can make a Pinterest Board about healthy recipes that I probably won’t ever make, like no one’s business. However, when it comes to algorithms, self-promotion, and creating optimal social media graphics, initially, I was lost. I’ve learned a lot in 2017 and I can’t wait to apply it to Her Money Moves in 2018. Big things are coming!

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    • Thanks Mil$! I was hired to ghostwrite on several of my gigs, so I don’t promote that work. Ghostwriting has been very interesting for me, you usually get paid more to ghostwrite but then again, you don’t get a byline!

  • This is a wonderful post! I enjoyed reading about your journey and successes over the year. It’s super inspiring for a newbie blogger like myself. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments in 2017 and May 2018 be just as successful!

  • I am so so so proud of you and everything that you have achieved this year! I think I’m going to have to start taking tips from you ;). Looking forward to seeing what you will do in 2018!

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